Bradford Cox documents “burgeoning” drone in Atlanta

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magic apron atlanta

A few days ago, Bradford Cox (Deerhunter/Atlas Sound) planned to record his Deerhunter bandmate Lockett Pundt's solo performance as Lotus Plaza, and ended up doing every set that played at the Eyedrum.

In his words, enjoy “dispatches from Atlanta's apparently burgeoning new wave of drone acts.”

Mainly, listen to Magic Apron, since that's the other one that came out besides Lotus Plaza.

Let's go with dream folk rather than drone for this trio. Opening with two harmonizing, twinkly guitar troubadours hooked in to one guy with a table of electronic boxes, the three-way stays soft and above the waist, with supple ambient washes and gentle synth drones and sometimes it's barely there before it returns to home base, where they recharge with more delicate harmonizing.

Good for washing dishes, sleeping, sensual seduction.