Mariama, “Fruits of Joy”

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There’s an alien shimmer over “Fruits of Joy” – soulful vocals celebrating harvest and wholeness are paired with galactic synths, playful spacefunk. Mariama Ndure, formerly of futurist hip hop collective MSNRA, is preparing to release her debut EP, produced by Tristan Whitehill of Euglossine, on Elestial Sound this year. The Florida-by-way-of-Norway singer sings joyfully, her voice claiming a fluid range of movement – leaning in for powerful moments, then stepping back for playful asides, scatting or singing in Nordic.

It fits in well with the Elestial Sound vibe – the Gainesville label, which has previously put albums by Hundred Waters and Emily Reo, is known for putting out music laced with tropicalia and psychedelia, organic spirit mixed with experimental often synth-driven musicality.

Elestial Sound’s 2015 forecast compilation comes out on January 22, accompanied by a limited edition print zine of visual art inspired by the music, by artists Cody William Wicker and Evan Galbicka.

Stream the track, and read the tracklist, below.

1. Floating – Ants
2. Chromadadata – 3007
3. Euglossine – Strange Strain
4. Cosmic Vitamins – Hot Shot Burnout
5. Masune – It’s Tuff
6. Kane Pour – Coral Crayon
7. Woset – Time Waning
8. J Albert – Corinthian
9. Poppet – A Thousand Guys On Wheelz
10 Piyojo – Questionnaire
11. Levek – Jericho (2011 Demo)
12. Ben Varian – Lasko
13. Maximino – Escape
14. Mariama – Fruits Of Joy
15. Danny – Orange Pink
16. Andrew Downs – Cascade