Matthew Dear alter ego Audion returns with “Motormouth”

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Matthew Dear and his audio particle extracurricular partition Audion have ear wormed themselves into the twenty-first century psyche of sound. From repeat plays from tape mixes, podmixes, the replays of the head twisting disco of “Mouth to Mouth” is about to get a full on retrospective with Spectral Sounds preparing the compilation Audion X for release this December.

Audion is the alt-alt-universe to the Matthew Dear worlds. The masterworks of Dear's catalog of Backstroke, Suckfish, Headcage, Beams, are dropped into the basement concrete-caverns of the afterparty after the afterparty. On today's listen to “Motormouth”, the organic dance experimentation of “Mouth to Mouth” from 2006 gets a much more aggressive and serious engine snapped-on. These are the music for the last cyber-punk chapters, the last levels, final boss stage music, and something synthesized out of discretely and distinctly patterned discombobulated audio. “Motor” takes you to the place where they don't accept any fancy laminates, entrance in is about as good as VIP status, the doormen are the size of two combined Frigidaires, and the spilt energy drinks and light beer flow together in a chemically conjoined dance floor river.

Audion X will be available December 10 from Spectral Sound.

The single “Motormouth” is available now from Beatport.