Maxwell Drummey, “Anything Can Happen”

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Maxwell Drummey – the artist formerly known as Chester French – is back making music after a few years of silence. Under the moniker Max, he’s releasing some new material for the world to listen to. His solo album, titled 10 Perfect Songs, is due out soon and we have the premiere of the second track off of the album for you.

“Anything Can Happen” has an opaque wave of electronic sound as the background, and Max’s voice just resonates in the middle of it all as he sings, “anything can happen to anyone, at any time.” Flutters of sound bounce around. If you put headphones on while listening to this, you can feel the vibrations run to your core. Max expands on the track, stating, “This song is both dead serious and kind of a joke. Nothing can happen too.”

Well, he’s certainly not wrong.


10 Perfect Songs will be out on August 12th.