Melville, "Televised"

Post Author: Ian Schneider

Ryan T Jacobs (songwriter/frontman), Ryan Aughenbaugh (bassist), Dan Bacon (guitarist), and Juan Felipe (drummer) make up Melville, the Portland based indie rock band that combines introspective lyrics with innovative sounds.  They have a new single called “Televised”, and it contains a lot of thought provoking lines supported by a traditional indie rock sound driven by wailing guitars and toe tapping percussion.
Jacobs had this to say about the single:

“Televised” is an anti-told-you-so anthem. It costs nothing to be the know-it-all pessimist that predicts the worst, but it serves as sort of ad hoc self-preservation tool for many people in case something goes wrong with their plans and dreams. Even if you know more or less how a particular situation is going to go, you still don’t know how the individual details will play out and no matter how much you mull it over in your mind, the materialization of the events won’t be the exact same as what you had pictured. Hence the line “The end as you know it, will not be televised”. We use context and experience as an excuse to tune out and establish rough, shoddy conclusions and we can miss a lot of opportunities when we do.

For more information about Melville, you can visit their Facebook page.