Michna, “Your Kingdom Mix”

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The warm jet streams permeate the introductory moments of Michna’s contribution to the Friday Night series, like the Chemical Brothers are replying to a statement issued by Brian Eno years prior, and Michna is compiling the anthology. Whether it’s “Here Come The Warm Jets” or Ambient 1: Music For Airports, there exists an impulse to soundtrack one of our crowning achievements as a species, to mimic the sounds or provide the ambiance. In many ways, Michna’s “Your Kingdom” mix is a collection of that conversation which ranges from an underbelly of tension and doom to the hyper egoism of conquering the skies.

Michna is an ideal candidate for the series given his album titles, Magic Monday, Thousand Thursday. Here, I had hopes of a new coinage for Friday, but he instead gave “Your Kingdom” the freedom to exist in the moment, to be revisited whenever you are 30,000 feet high with a window seat to the horizon. If his albums are reflective exercises, externalizing a childhood and purging nostalgia, then the “Your Kingdom Mix” is the instinctually expressive yang to the cerebral yin.

Michna offered the following insight into the “Your Kingdom Mix”:

For this Impose mix I wanted to stitch together a flow of musical and road tested tracks that can soundtrack your next flight or journey.

Michna’s Thousand Thursday is out now on Ghostly Intl.

“Your Kingdom” tracklisting:
01 Chemical Brothers, “One Too Many Mornings”
02 Charlotte Gainsbourg, “Heaven Can Wait (Nosaj Thing Remix)”
03 Atoms For Peace, “Default”
04 Burial, “NYC”
05 Funki Porcini, “The Great Drive By”
06 Ko-Wreck Technique, “Metro Dade (Plaid Mix)”
07 Diplo, “Summer’s Gonna Hurt You”
08 Amanda Blank, “A Love Song”
09 Santigold, “Disparate Youth”
10 K. Flay, “Less Than Zero”
11 Mark Ronson, “The Bike Song” ft. Spank Rock
12 Kid Cudi, “Just What I Am” ft. King Chip