MIEARS, “Reaching”

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Electro pop musician MIEARS – the project from Houston’s Michelle Miears – has been hard at work on an extraordinary debut EP. Though it isn’t due until February, we’ve got the exclusive premiere of its very first single “Reaching” right here.

Within the first few seconds, you feel as though you’ve been enveloped in a video game from the 80’s. And then the bass drops, the tempo changes slightly, and MIEARS’ intense, otherworldly vocals begin to take the attention. You can sense the raw emotion in her vocals as she captivates you with insanely high notes and an intrinsically delicate demeanor.

“’Reaching’ is a desperate yet wishful song,” admits MIEARS. “It is about someone who was once very close, but is now far away…you still care about them and want to be there for them, but you no longer have the promise that they will let you in.”

Who Will Save You? is due out February 17th. Keep up with MIEARS on Facebook.