Mike Gao remixes Isaiah Toothtaker

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Mike Gao Remix

Mike Gao's recipe for his remix to “Crime Killz x Human Suit”, the self-titled collaboration between the Tuscon Gameboy punk moniker of Scumbag Tony Nickelplated and vocalist Nate NoFace and Machina Muerte founders Isaiah Toothtaker and Mestizo, is a simple slathering of molasses to slow the tempo and emphasize the bass thumps.

The original “Crime Killz x Human Suit” is the final cut on Toothtaker's album Illuminati Thug Mafia. The Crime Killz version is upbeat and danceable, making it a peculiar ending to Toothtaker's ultraviolent full length. It's also ill-fitting of the Human Suit we've heard thus far. Revisiting “I Gotcha,” it's hard to believe Human Suit has a softer side. Mike Gao toughens up the Human Suit crooning of “your love's not love,” thugging up the break up song with low end modulations.

Isaiah Toothtaker, “Crime Killz x Human Suit” (Mike Gao Remix)

Illuminati Thug Mafia is out now on Machina Muerte.