Milk Music wear its rock on a flannel sleeve

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Milk Music

Here's a band without a website that needs to cut the hermetic bullcrap and go beyond the bare essentials of a page.

Olympia's Milk Music is from a great northern wilderness that most of us will never explore, unless we get a wild hair during a Seattle road trip, although if you've gone that far it might as well be a trip to Vancouver to score some weed. Right? Milk Music's Beyond Living 12″ (which seems to allude to its Dinosaur Jr. influence) first caught my ear at Ongakubaka for its Dinosaur Jr. sound meets Paul Westerberg vocals description and after several listens, there's little more to be said, save for this shit fuggin' rips.

The Beyond Living 12″ EP is played with a devoted “no bullshit” policy in mind. Milk Music has no problem telling you exactly which bands it's referencing, but in their unabashed homage they've managed to nail it. The source material is most obvious on “Be Here Now” as the lead singer bursts into the fuzz and riff worshiping with a damaged-Westerbergian cry that made songs like “Unsatisfied” memorable.

Perhaps it's a lack of funds thing, but I cannot find a link to a store that carries the Beyond Living 12″, but I did track down an email address at the Still Single blog should you feel the need to inquire.

Milk Music, “Out of My World”