MINKA, "Josephine"

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Philly’s dance music collective MINKA has been absolutely killin’ it. Not only are they a four piece of party-goers, but they are the instigators. The party literally follows them. If you question this statement at all, consider the fact that the band’s leader Dick Rubin has actually performed completely nude before.
Let that sit with you for a moment.
But these guys are no joke, something that is only elaborated on with their new single “Josephine”. We’ve got the exclusive premiere of the genre-blending track, which undoubtedly pulls inspiration from multiple decades. There is a layer of funk, with slightly Prince-sounding vocals layered in. Twinkling sound effects make it feel like we’re being projected into a futuristic, abstract world… but what could only be considered futuristic in past decades. “Josephine” is a glittering combination of the best of the 70’s and 80’s, and the positive subject matter and clip to the lyrics makes it our favorite dance track of the moment.
Elaborates Ariel Rubin so effortlessly and eloquently:

i met Josephine years ago at a county fair. her hands bore the marks of years working in the fields — and yet, she had a softness to her touch.
our affair was a short one. but those nights spent frolicking among the haystacks and the stars were the best of my life. if not for her husband, who knows what may have been.
Josephine, i remember you.

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