The Solars, "Goddess of the Suburbs"

Post Author: Virginia Croft

Based out of Boston, The Solars bring sharp, psych rock with a lo-fi twist. They’re the White Stripes and Andrew Bird thrown into a blender, with a dash of Arcade Fire. Made up of Miles Hewitt, Quetzel Herzig, Cody Carson, Jason Lilly, and John Miller, the troop delivers well crafted instrumentals with breezy, reflective vocals.
Their latest track, “Goddess of the Suburbs,” brings to mind images of lazy summer days, poolside and with a lemonade in hand. It’s easy to tap along to, with layered vocal harmonies and hazy synths peeking through sprinkled drum spots. Their lyricism is laid back but impressive, especially with lines like, “Having dreams where the girls line up side to side, wearing signs saying ‘Everything will be alright’.” Evoking the casual vibe that the 70s displayed so well, The Solars feel like a dip into the past, and it’s a welcomed one.

The Solars’ next EP, Retitled Remastered, is out on April 21st.