Mixtape #6: Happy Birthday!

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Guess what's happening this weekend?

It's my favorite holiday… MY BIRTHDAY.

The one day of the year I'm allowed to be extra annoying and make people do what I want them to do.

Well, this year, one of the things I really want to make you do is listen to a mix of only songs that I really like.

It includes my favorite band of all time (The Beatles, duh) and a song from each band that's playing at my birthday party and other songs that are just generally awesome.

So listen to it and love it because it's my birthday and I said so!

Pop Jew Mixtape #6:
01 Jaockanory Stories – Television Personalities
02 Nothing To Hide – Yo La Tengo
03 With A Girl Like You – The Troggs
04 Please Please Me – The Beatles
05 Girl On The Side – Brian's Dirty Business
06 Baby I – Jaill
07 Butterfly Knife – Daniel Pujol
08 Penelope – Of Montreal
09 I Don't Love Anyone – Belle & Sebastian
10 Forget It Claudia – The Cavemen Go
11 Sexy Weekend – Leg Sweeper
12 40 Nugs – Ghost Mall
13 Popgun – Bats
14 Tell It (In My Ear) – Fergus & Geronimo
15 Tights – Country Teasers
16 Can't Make Me Cry – Guinea Worms
17 World War III – Home Blitz
18 Revenge (Not Tonight) – Knight School
19 Cocoon – Moonmen On The Moon, Man
20 Highway Memorial Shrine – Nodzzz
21 This Will Be Our Year – Zombies
22 Summer's Ending – Steve Goldberg

Download the whole thing here.