Dipset, Next Generation

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dipset next generation mixtape

The Next Generation is a compilation of tracks by the Dipset veterans you know and love, plus some newcomers to the camp including Vado (Violence And Drugs Only), Cam's new heir apparent.

Beats consist of a couple Heatmakerz sped up soul joints, industry covers and more than a couple streetcorner bangers. Even if Cam doesn't appear on any tracks with Jimmy or Juelz, uptown anthems like “Stop it 5″ and “Lennox & 7th” bring you back to the warm pre-recession days of mid 2000's Diplomats dominance. Sounds especially fresh next to today's landscape of autotune-trance-rap.

Feels good to root for the home team again.

Cam'ron, “Stop It 5” (Feat. Vado)

Cam'ron, “Lennox and 7th” (Feat. 40 Cal + Vado)