Mixtape: Eminem, Return of the Bad Guy Pt. 2

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Eminem is set to release something big and new at any minute, and hip hop is going crazy about it. Really, there are two truths in this world: Hot Cheetos are the best thing on the free market, and people love them some Eminem. He is the only guy I can think of who can take a three year break from rap and still come back to so much anticipation. I mean, look at Nelly. He was also one of those few rappers whose albums always went platinum and had huge fanfare, but he took a similar break and, well, did you even know he wasn't on break anymore? Exactly. This mixtape by DJ White Owl is a good mix of new and old Eminem that is a welcome addition to any rap fan's mixtape library.

Eminem, “Crack a Bottle” (Feat. Dr. Dre + 50 Cent)

Eminem, “Freestyle”

Download the whole mixtape here.