Eminem, White America 2

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Eminem has another album coming out pretty soon. I'm not sure too many other folks liked Relapse, but while his lyrics could be irrelevant and silly, his flow and attention to rhyming patterns remain amazing. Here's hoping we can hear that angry Eminem rap that we grew to love from “I Am” in his next release, but whatever the case, here's a mixtape that gathers a bunch of rare tracks, remixes, and interviews from past and present. Check it out and remember, Eminem is totally going to have a part in Judd Apatow's Funny People, which comes out this summer, so he won't be fading into obscurity again for a while.

Eminem & Nas,”The World Is Round”

Eminem,”Prank Call to LL Cool J” (Skit)

Download the mixtape here.