Mixtape: T.I., I Know You Missed Me

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Download/Listen to the mixtape sidekick to T.I.'s Paper Trail.

I understand some of you may not have immediately ran out and got T.I.'s new album Paper Trail after I wrote my detailed review of it. You may not have been impressed by some of the songs I chose, or maybe my writing failed to ignite your inner zeal.

I understand I have flaws.

So, it isn't beneath me to try to appeal to you Impose readers again by providing this excellent mixtape, I Know You Missed Me, which is essentially a bunch of songs picked up from the studio floor to pad out a few choice cuts from the album. If this doesn't convince you nonbelievers, I don't know what will. All I know is that when Christ comes in 2012 and asks me what I did, I will be able to say that I tried.

T.I., “Mr. Propane” (feat. T-Pain)

T.I., “Get Dat”

Download T.I.'s The Empire: I Know You Missed Me.