Young Dro, Lo Life

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For the above cover to make sense you need to know that Dro's new album, which is coming out soon, is called P.O.L.O. (Players Only Live Once), and that he has white boy tags in addition to black boy swag. Dro has another, more official mixtape, called R.I.P. coming out any day now. However, after review, I decided this one is a heater so I can't deny it.

Some choice lines:
“Light skinned paint on the Chevy, that thang T.I.”
“Diamond jewelery, rim too big, it's scurring me”
“I drive different cars like a bellhop”
“Tell me I look good 'fore I eat you like I'm Hannibal”

Young Dro, “I'm On It” (Feat. T.I.)

Young Dro, “Ric Flair”

Download the tape here.