mnttaB are a mess

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This band is pretty fun. Their description of their album sounds like it was written clad only in tighty whites at 4am with a bottle of whiskey spilling unnoticed on the night stand. hastingsBeach EP is a kind of eclectic mix of diy crunch and diy synth pop that oscillates wildly between the two poles, and one must always remember from whence it all came. The album was inspired, after all. As writes the artists:

...another semi autobiographical, if not totally historically accurate stomp through fragmented memories of chances squandered and oppurtunities missed. Sort of a concept EP Inspired by Bob Segars "hollywood nights" its pretty much the same story except its set in Hastings, England and EVERYONE dies at the end. [sic, sic, sic]

Also: If you live in Melbourne, Australia where this whole thing originates, you can catch the band closing out a party at 2:30am on November 12, and you can expect a mess:

We've had a couple of rehearsals but lets face it that time of the night a set of badly mimed, extreme karaoke, air guitar mayhem will be the best to hope for. Imagine a REALLY drunk and aggressive "Milli Vanilli" complete with apalling "wardrobe malfunctions" and awkward pauses between songs. See you there.

Listen to their whole EP here, and download it by following the link: