Mo Van Zandt – “Waves”

Berlin-based artist drops eclectic & experimental single

One of the latest artists and experimentalists to emerge from the cultural melting pot of Berlin is Texan-native Mo Van Zandt, encapsulating her distinctive approach to music production. Van Zandt, a versatile Berlin-based artist, infuses her work with the eclectic influences of Aphex Twin, DJ Shadow, and Thom Yorke, creating a soundscape that is both innovative and evocative.

“Waves” opens with a minimalistic groove that gradually builds into a powerful crescendo, marked by breakbeat drums and chaotic analogue synths. This progression mirrors the artist’s own journey, transitioning from classical piano and psychedelic drumming in Austin to her dynamic involvement in Brooklyn’s jazz, funk, and post-rock scenes. The pandemic’s onset catalyzed her shift towards electronic music, allowing her to transform isolation into a creative rebirth.

Her music, described as the soundtrack of a semi-fictional dystopia, blends fragmented rhythms and powerful bass lines with otherworldly vocals. This track, much like her previous work, reflects the emotional complexity of disillusionment and hope, resonating deeply with the experiences of her diverse communities in Berlin, New York, and Texas.

Give “Waves” a spin below: