Our Kids – “Salad”

Italian duo shares powerful, emotive indie anthem

“Salad,” the debut single from Our Kids, is a compelling introduction to this new project from Niccolò Barca and Edoardo Baroni. Hailing from the Italian countryside, the band infuses their brit-rock and grunge influences with elements of indie rock, creating soundscapes that feel both familiar and refreshingly new. The production, handled by Barca and Baroni, with mixing and mastering by Marco Colagrande, is polished yet retains a raw, introspective edge.

The creation of “Salad” was an organic process, unfolding naturally in a single afternoon. The track’s foundation is a captivating bass riff, around which the lyrics and guitar lines intricately weave. The result is a seamless blend of musical and lyrical elements that reflect the band’s shared experiences.

“We wrapped ‘Salad’ up practically in an afternoon, as if we had been thinking about this tune for months and it was just waiting for the moment to find the light. For the first time in a long time we were sure of the direction we were taking with the birth of this new project and this sense of freedom immediately turned into musical inspiration. It all started with the bass riff, then the rest of the track came as a symbiotic partnership of lyrics and guitar lines, one inspiring the other,” Our Kids shared.

Lyrically, “Salad” reads like a collective diary, recounting the band’s time living in a crowded house in southeast London. The narrative captures the essence of urban life and the struggle for identity amidst the chaos. Lines like “you feel all alone planning riots in your head” and “you came back to the city, but the city is no longer a friend” resonate deeply, highlighting themes of disillusionment and the quest for meaning.

You can give the track a spin below: