Mogli – ‘Bones’ EP

Post Author: Aidan Grant

German indie artist unveils lush, cinematic new EP & previews dystopian short film

German-based singer-songwriter and all-around creative force Mogli has returned with her cinematic new EP Bones, which precedes her highly anticipated forthcoming full-length RAVAGE. Musically, Mogli has completely outdone herself with Bones, with each track serving as one part of an exceptionally produced 10-part dystopian short-film that will accompany RAVAGE.

The project sees Mogli, the protagonist, attempt to escape off an island that’s holding prisoners captive for scientific experiments. Meanwhile, the Bones EP guides listeners on a cinematic journey through powerful rising drum rhythms and lush, well-crafted guitar soundscapes, led by Mogli’s gorgeous vocal tones as she bears her soul on past relationships and hardships. Highlights of the project include the indie-folk title track, an upbeat piano-led number that contains sprinkles of electronic textures. The single blossoms in the chorus to an ultimate high of syncopated drums carried by Mogli’s distinct soft falsetto voice.

“As someone who trusts her gut 100 percent it was devastating for me to realize depression brought toxic voices with it that disguised as my own intuition,” Mogli shared. “Every line in Bones can be read as benevolent or cynical from the pain because I couldn’t distinguish anymore.” 

Mogli utilizes an eclectic sonic palette on this EP with her captivating string arrangement in the intro of “Ghost” before transitioning to a delicate piano melody. The Bones EP and shortfilm are a result of an artist who creates art for art’s sake, infused with every ounce of inspiration, pain and love.

“I broke out of a toxic relationship and moved to Berlin,” she recounts. “Consequently, I was completely on my own trying to find out who I was while battling depression. I passionately dove into touring and working which inevitably led to burnout. Writing this album became my catharsis, I was able to face my fears. Being brave enough to make yourself vulnerable heals you and brings you happiness.”

You can give the Bones EP a spin below: