Queen Cult – “Calm”

Post Author: Aidan Grant

Macclesfield-based rock quartet levels up on fiery latest single

Femme-queer four-piece rock band Queen Cult have released their brand new single “Calm” off their forthcoming EP titled Woman That I Know. Led by lead vocalist and guitarist Maise Johnson and bassist Leila Jacklin, Queen Cult are “the Queer Band you’ll fall in love with by 2022,” and the new single “Calm” is their heaviest rock song to date.

The distorted rhythm guitars and thumping drums form the perfect instrumental palette for Maisie’s raspy vocals. The song erupts into a gorgeous free-fall outro colored with heavily-reverbed lead guitar and enchanting background vocals.

When asked about “Calm,” Maisie shared: “This record resonates similar themes surrounding the patriarchy but focusing on the women who conform to these ideas. We wanted to know why excuses are always made, why they give in and let go. This is our reminder, you have your own voice. You have your own rights. Don’t let someone shine brighter when you are the sun. Pick you.” 

Queen Cult are supporting the new single and upcoming EP with live dates across the U.K. as part of the Revive Live Tour. Organized by Music Venues Trust, the tour is set to support grassroots music venues in the UK in their quietest month, January, and supported with funding by the National Lottery.

You can give “Calm” a spin below: