Monokle, “Friday Night Mix”

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Warp’s worldwide influence, namely in the spread of IDM, is apparent in the work from Russian producer Vlad Kudryavtsev—aka Monokle.

With few contemporaries in his country, his identity could have been singular simply by region, but Monokle’s 2012 debut for Ki Records was mostly praised for its incorporation of ambience and drone alongside the IDM production. In September Monokle returns anew and in the company of new friends providing vocal textures to his tundra worlds. Rings is an album that retains that isolated headspace, but in the company of performers like Milinal and Gala Ga the lonesome technician allows some warmth to permeate the hyperboreal atmosphere.

For the Friday Night Mix series, Monokle’s curatorial acumen illustrates a concentrate of IDM machinations that traverse their heady pigeonhole for body rock pulsations. This a mix that resides at the center of the Venn between bedroom and night club. Monokle had the following to say regarding his mix:

For this mix I used tracks that are currently in my personal playlist, nothing special just those ones that I enjoy listening to at the moment.

It’s a mixture of tracks that are more suited for clubbing and dancing as well as more thoughtful themes for quiet home listening. I like to create mixes that are more versatile, that tell a story and not to stick to a certain genre. In general mixes should be something different and interesting. I used several tracks from Russian producers, which is rarely done as Russia’s scene is very special and still super underground, slowly getting some attention. Many of the producers I featured in the mix are unknown but very talented, I think. Hope you enjoy this mix and have a pleasant listening.

Monockle’s Rings is out September 4 on Ki Records.

Monokle’s “Friday Night Mix” tracklisting:
01 Lovozero, “Travy”
02 Creta Kano, “Skyway Motel”
03 LTO, “Trabajar”
04 Airhead, “Macondo”
05 Alex Smoke, “GreenMan”
06 Wesley Matsell, “Bismuth”
07 Circle Traps, “Portent”
08 AL-90, “915”
09 Djrum, “Plantain.mp3”
10 Untitled, “Untitled”
11 Dasha Rush, “Sleep Ballade”