Monstera Black – “Eat Your Soul”

Berlin duo conjures eclectic, avant-garde electronic banger

Monstera Black and alysalysalys present a daring fusion of sound and vision in their latest collaboration, “Eat Your Soul.” Drawing inspiration from Berlin’s eclectic musical landscape, the duo ventures into uncharted territories with an avant-garde approach that defies convention. It’s a track that screams Berlin, with eclectic and unique approaches and at times almost scary lyrics. 

The accompanying music video, directed by Kai Chase-Meares and Luc Maibaum, complements the otherworldly atmosphere of the track, weaving surrealistic scenes into a visually stunning sci-fi narrative. Every element of “Eat Your Soul” reflects the duo’s commitment to pushing boundaries, from its distorted visuals to its eerie tones.

As a precursor to their upcoming EP, “Eat Your Soul” offers a tantalizing glimpse into a world where experimentation reigns supreme.

Give Monstera Black’s “Eat Your Soul” a spin below.