Morgan St. Jean, “Reckless Heart”

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Los Angeles-based pop/r&b artist Morgan St. Jean is ready to release the magic of her new single “Reckless Heart” unto the masses. Luckily enough, we scored the exclusive premiere.

A strangely tranquil set of instrumentals hits, and then Morgan St. Jean’s flawless, deep, almost-raspy vocals blend in to the fold, bringing a layer of warmth to the track. Lyrics like “I wanna know where to go when the match burns out / Cuz right now the fire’s burnin’, too hot to touch, destructive” and “I know you don’t play fair / but right now I just don’t care” provide visuals that go perfectly with a dangerous infatuation. Synthesizers provide a vaguely 80’s sense to the insanely modern dispute of questionable beginnings in love. “‘Reckless Heart’ is all about the allure of danger,” explains St. Jean. “It’s about being with someone who’s so bad but staying because it feels so good.”

This is a party jam if ever there was one, and we can imagine women everywhere belting it out at stoplights in their cars as well. Time to get those lyrics memorized.

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