Common Grackle: Good songs for people who like car commercials

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Once we finally got to the point where “indie” musicians figured out
they could start making money by getting their songs into commercials
for just about anything from lite beers to Outback Steakhouse, I found
it alright to start labeling certain bands as “commercial core,” or
bands who sound like they'd make the perfect background sound to sell
Generation X, Y, and Z, whatever it is that needs selling, and has a big
advertising budget.

Car commercials utilize this the most. While some take me by
surprise (Golden Triangle and The Monks), others sort of have this vibe
that says: “hey hip urbanite, or person who is cooler than most of their
suburban friends, buy this really cool, low emission, compact,
two-door, made in the USA, automobile because we set this commercial to
that indie rock you all like!”

I kinda get that “I'm driving in my Jetta, I don't have a fucking
care in the world” feeling from this song by Common Grackle. I think
that should be a good feeling, but I'm not totally sure. I think this
sounds like a poor mans Why? or a bunch of Canadians who really like
Grandaddy — which it very well might be since they are from the Great
White North.

Common Grackle, “Great Depression”