New Dinowalrus not like the old Dinowalrus

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The new Dinowalrus lineup

2010 has been a year of transition for Peter Feigenbaum and his Dinowalrus outfit, and apparently it's smoothed him out.

Yesterday Pete sent us an e-mail, giving us the newest Dinowalrus vibes and a brief explanation of what we already knew.

We changed things up in a major way with both the lineup and the
vibes. Parted ways with Josh and Kyle and started working with Liam, a
good college buddy, and Anton from our friends the Depreciation Guild! We are working furiously on a new album for mid 2011. It's gonna be smoooth(er).

We knew some changes were in the works, because the Josh he speaks of is ex-drummer, now frontman for Regal Degal, who played the Famous Class night of our Imposition. But we weren't expecting to hear post-Genesis, Phil Collins / Peter Gabriel space jams from Dinowalrus. There's still some kinks to be worked out for sure, but it's hard not to like the new sounds. “Phone Home From the Edge” is like David Sitek on acid making love to Space Oddity. That's press quote worthy, I think I'll leave it there.

Dinowalrus, “Phone Home From the Edge”