Outer Minds' “Until You're Dead”

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outer minds

This is one of those vinyls where I like the A-side alright but then I get sucked into a decade-spanning vortex at the first few guitar plucks of the B-side such that it could be a California den of the late 60s or swinging London or just a really good basement party last week and it doesn't matter because these guys are using bell percussion and a sick organ and some awesome flanging effects on their vocal and the whole thing adds up to a spot-on psychedelic garage track that is both timeless and totally fresh.

Chicago-based Outer Minds, the culprits to this time-travel violence used to be called Other Minds before a cease and desist from a San Fran non profit (of all places) forced them to think of a much better name.

Their 7-inch on HoZac is out soon. Buy it here.

Keep it comin', Outer Minds.

Outer Minds, “Until You're Dead”