Psychic Ills, “Secret Flower”

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Psychic Ills' Catoptric is an album of dispersal that extends diaphanous instrumentals longer than last year's Mirror Eyes LP, with raaga style incantation and unresolved tone prattle rising like glowing elements from their low-burning flame pit.

Enter track two, “Secret Flower,” where the band drags its ambience into the pocket, rhythmically speaking, and it's the sound of the sun picking up speed as it comes over morning hills while herds of the earth lock step. Also, fucking great driving music.

Psychic Ills, “Secret Flower”

Catoptric, the study and phenomena of reflected lights and mirrors was aptly titled to reflect its inception around the period that the band recorded aforementioned LP number two, Mirrors Eyes. Not surprisingly, the material sounds like it came from the same boiling lake, but from the press release, its apparently the product of a series of sessions, some that involve the band as a trio sans keyboardist Jimy SeiTang, others with him, and yet others with No Neck Blues Band's Jason Meagher, on top of unspoken volumes of studio tinkering and two years' passage of time.

The record pressing will be limited to 600 copies on “random” marble-colored vinyl and silk-screened artwork.

Out on Social Registry June 22.