Mute Swan, “Just Like Weeds”

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Sometimes, a song has the power to truly fill your brain, detoxing your worries and leaving no stress-induced traffic in its way. And in this case, the group behind the song in question came from rather stressful beginnings. Mute Swan consists of Mike Barnett (guitar/vocals), Prabjit Virdee (bass/vocals), Thomas Sloane (guitar), and Roger Reed (drums). After the foursome faced rough patches with their respective Tucson, AZ stationed acts, they came together to create what is now psych-rock quartet Mute Swan. Their tracks are resilient, with a brave take on the psychedelic amalgam. After the band’s 2015 release EP Feel How it Sees, member Barnett reflected on the band name: “A mute swan refers to a swan that’s been domesticated so it will be more friendly with people and all of that– It’s kind of like something wild that’s being held back.” The element of unease resonates in their tunes, in the best way possible.

“Just Like Weeds” is an ethereal trip, akin to a sun-drenched day under a blazing blue sky. Beginning with a playful guitar riff, the track oozes with ennui and yearning. Bellowing vocal harmonies echo in and out of consciousness, toying with a see-saw of emotions. Reading like a Beach Fossils demo, “Just Like Weeds” is best served with a mint mojito and a Virgin Suicides-esque color palette. Mute Swan has a knack for mellow melodies, leaving our ears wanting more– certainly craving the “wild that’s being held back” that Barnett mentioned.

Mute Swan will release their new EP, Ultraviolet, on September 30th.