My Education, “Deep Cut”

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My Education

Surveying the decline of the genre construct over recent years and decades, guitar based music has enjoyed moments of moving and powerful instrumental works. Take Texas' post-rock providers, My Education, who have recently had their debut album 5 Popes reincarnated and remastered at 811 Studios by Sean Seagler, equipped with bonus cuts and a fresh wax pressing. With their CD debut from Ballyhoo Withdrawal and Thirty Ghosts Records; the upcoming Beat Imprint rerelease brings the second coming of their instrumental album debut reworked by the Texan guitar string bearers.

On a listen to “Deep Cut”, the action starts with the picking spilling light and gently like a creek in a desert, as chord changes, and mathematical calculations guide all progressions herein. The band brings back attention to the power of chord draped symphonies with no need for vocals. Here the guitars stand as all the instruments needed amongst the academic dodgers of My Education, where dirges head into spaced out holidays that end with a strummed section of joy. There are no effects here in excess, as “Cut” slices through the cold of a winter night in Texas through an evocative song sung through electric strings full of expression and deep reaching intents.

My Education's redux of the 5 Popes LP will be available February 4, 2014 from Beat Imprint Records.