Naps, You Will Live In A Cool Box

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Impose has been eagerly gobbling up each track from the Tallahassee foursome Naps since hearing their debut track “Jean Skirt Mystique” last June. Today, we are excited to announce the premiere of Naps'(Ryan Stanley, Jeremy Probst, Laura Hicks, and Katryn Macko) debut album, You Will Live In A Cool Box. The five-track record contains the previously released “Jean Skirt Mystique,” “Floral Mattress,” and “Sandspurs” along with two new songs. The first is a cleverly named track à la Joanna Gruesome and Elvis Depressedly, “Ellen Degenerate.” It is Naps’ noisiest song yet, complete with twin harmonies and the desperate plea, “I would hire you to come and run me over with a truck / I would pay my friends to reassure me that they give a fuck.” The final track is a cover of “You’re Not the Only Monster from Hell” by R.L. Kelly. The choice to end the album with a mellow cover shows Naps’ diversity; they can push themselves to the most scuzzy, sugary indiepop extreme and before immediately reigning their sound back to a concise and controlled fuzz. This balance makes You Will Live In A Cool Box a well-rounded, deeply rewarding listen.

You Will Live In A Cool Box is out now via the new Tallahassee-based label Viridian Sounds. Stream is below and download on bandcamp.

Naps is heading north on tour with synth pop act Cleats!

16 Tallahassee, FL @ All Saints Cafe w/ Kilo Tango and Yikes
17 Jacksonville, FL @ Rain Dogs w/ with Dr. Sirbrother and Honey Chamber
18  Savannah, GA @ The Sentient Bean
20 Richmond, VA @ Sourhaus w/ Walkabout and Sammi Franzia Lanzetta
21 Washington, D.C. @ The Velvet Lounge w/ Grotto Girl, June Gloom, and Southpaws
22 Philadelphia, PA @ Milhouse w/ Coping Skills and Anna Lad
23 New Brunswick, NJ @ Cooler Ranch/Burger King w/ Glazer and Wild Rice
24 Brooklyn, NY @ 603 Upstaris w/ American Pleasure Club, Long Neck, and Sean Henry