Native America, “Like A Dream”

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Native America

“Let me tell you bout a different time/When no one smiled for pictures,” is the nostalgic narrative that opens Native America’s charming new single, “Like A Dream.” Immediately, the track dives into a whimsical haze of indie-pop playfulness: prickly guitars, gooey basslines, and winsome vocals straight from another era. Faded black-and-white pictures may be what jump to mind, but the ’60s psych influence is subtle. The feelings are familiar, yet undeniably fresh. “Like A Dream” is vintage pop for a modern age.

Warm and melodic, but with a razor-sharp hook, “Like A Dream” is an auspicious glimpse at the upcoming full-length from the New Orleans trio. Grown Up Wrong promises to be the perfect endless summer soundtrack, and it’s out November 18 via Inflated Records.