No Form, “Goddess of Fire”

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Side A: pulsing, careening, black paint splattered all over the walls and tracked all over the floor. Buildings falling, buildings only remembered.

Side B: open your mouth to scream and find out you can’t stop; find you’ve become one long siren.

The No Form 12-inch is proof that there’s still value and horror in punk, proof that once all the uniforms are folded and we all get tired of reviving the corpses of the sub-genres that we love that there is still danger in it, still something that can shoot through you and remind you why you were drawn to this grim basement world in the first place. It was released in the summer, but it hasn’t gotten the attention it deserves, so we bring you the opening track, “Goddess of Fire”, right to your door with a big bow. The package has airholes, which should give you some clue that the monster inside is alive.

The No Form 12-inch is available from Reagent Records and Muscle Horse Records. You may remember No Form from Nozin’ Aroun’, the video webzine documenting the current wave of UK punk.