No Regret for our Youth = Israeli double agent rock

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No Regrets For Our Youth, the band

Got a parcel yesterday postmarked from Tel Aviv with a smartly packaged white CD, and a stamp on the front of the padded envelope that read “No Regrets for Our Youth”, which happens to be the title of an Akira Kurosawa movie on the depleting “not seen” side of my Kurosawa chart. It was shot in 1946, about a Japanese man who assisted a Soviet spy and was executed for his treason.

When I asked No Regrets for Our Youth (the band) about his background, he responded “well, since I was born someday I guess you could call it a bio.” Not too much to go on there, but he said I could make a bio up if I wanted.

Let's call him an Israeli double spy for Hamas making esoteric and vastly eclectic electro-acoustic compositions and sending them out to websites in Brooklyn who can better disseminate his encoded transcriptions.

Listen hard, there's something about the blockade in here:

No Regrets for Our Youth, “Riots”

No Regrets for Our Youth, “Trace”