Not the 1s, Everybody’s Rappin’ 12″ picture disc

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It was J-Live who first announced “everybody’s rappin’ / but only few can flow” on his ’96 classic “Braggin’ Writes” cut. Even in ’96 the rap dilettante scene was reaching critical mass. It feels like no coincidence that same year marks the release of PaRappa the Rapper on Playstation.

Bay Area duo Not The 1s are well aware of the history in rap dilettantes as displayed on the forthcoming Everybody’s Rappin’ 12″ picture disc. The design layout is an illustration that will have you scratching your brain in this who’s who of rap tourism that runs the gamut of Silent Bob to Macho Man Randy Savage. Can you name everyone on the picture disc?

Taken from Gold Robot’s Instagram

Displaying their credentials over instrumentals, Not the 1s’ Mawnstr and Cuzzo D (aka Eric Steuer of Meanest Man Contest) recorded their own “Braggin’ Writes” with the A-side “I’m Not The One To Be Gamed On”.

Not The 1s’ Everybody’s Rappin’ 12″ is out June 10 and available for preorder on Gold Robot Records.