Obsidian Pond

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Of all the over-saturated genre memes out there, the ambient-tropics-loop complex is perhaps the most innocuous, replicable, and consequently, insidious. It can crop up at anytime, and hypnotize you with lush, undulating repetition. Bubblegum pop for stoners. It can make you feel so dirty.

So it's nice to find something in that category that remains fresh and clean and even recognizable after a few listens. Along with Antarctica and Siberia, Manchester is perhaps the last place you'd associate with palm trees and calypso breezes, but that's where Obsidian Pond makes these pleasant tunes.

Look out for a 3-inch CD-R on Deathbomb Arc this winter.

Obsidian Pond, “Sundog Sinners”

Obsidian Pond, “Freedom Falling”

Obsidian Pond, “Swamp”