OFWGKTA's Mellowhype drops sophomore

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Downloading a new OFWGKTA release on the first Monday of November is the easiest decision to make on such a dull day. The Halloween hangover is brutal, but for these young ruffians every hangover feels like a post-Devil's Night reward.

Mellowhype is the duo of Hodgy Beats and LeftBrain. Unlike their Wolf Gang cohorts, the production on both Mellowhype records, Yellowhite earlier this year and BlackenedWhite, are produced entirely by LeftBrain, instead of Tyler The Creator. Yellowhite had fleeting moments of positive slant like “Polyurthane,” the antithesis of Wolf Gang, but BlackenedWhite has the duo drinking the OddFuture Kool-Aid as Hodgy succumbs to the peer pressure of his degenerate crew.

Blackened White features the usual suspects of Domo Genesis, Mike G and Tyler The Creator, as well as a rare Earl Sweatshirt appearance. Could it be that Earl is back on the scene or is this an archived verse?

Download BlackenedWhite here.

Mellowhype, “Loco”

Mellowhype, “Stripclub”