One Be Lo calls out the boys in blue

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Michigan's One Be Lo (formerly One Man Army of Binary Star) is a bad man when it comes to writing rhymes. I still catch myself quoting Binary Star's “Glen Close,” when a girl presents herself as a clinger. One Be Lo summed it up when he said, “don't think that I'm petty / but I know what desperate women put in they spaghetti / that's why I told her that I ate already.” Emcees these days just lack the command of the language to write at a calibur beyond making silly puns about “beating it like a cop.” Seriously, this trend of “I'm so stupid, I'm clever” verses need to cease and desist.

One Be Lo is like bail money to this arrested development of the craft. The man is dense with the wordplay on “The Pigs” as he raps, “lock up the precinct, that's what we all think / but the judge don't throw away keys or toss sinks / they ain't cleaning the streets / they making'em stink / hands dirty in the pigpen / shit where they eat / no justice or peace with corrupt police / crime pays / you just won't get a receipt.”

Each of his records boasts a clever acronym title and B.A.B.Y. is no exception, as this title represents “Being A Black Youth.” The record is built from autobiographical tales of One Be Lo's youth in Pontiac, MI and tackles topics such as experiences in school, amongst peers, family, the army and crime.

“The Pigs” will not be featured on B.A.B.Y., but that don't make no nevermind as this song is dope regardless.

One Be Lo, “The Pigs” (feat. Mike Posner)

One Be Lo has signed with Bay Area label MYX Music. His new record B.A.B.Y. is out February 2010. It features guest appearances by Royce Da 5'9, Freeway, Zion I, Phonte and Jean Grae.