Open Mike Eagle keeps “Password” video private

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Open Mike Eagle

The conceit behind Open Mike Eagle's “Password”, off his Sir Rockabye EP, centralizes on the central intelligence of big brother monitoring our every Google search and social media update, even though Obama insists he would never allow the CIA to intrude in such a heinous manner. Open Mike is taking great measures and meticulous precautions to stay off the grid, while remaining plugged in. The measures are as minute as leaving the Vimeo link to the “Password” video on private.

In the video Open Mike Eagle is recording live from a bunker, keeping a watchful eye on the monitors. The paranoia is palpable as Mike Eagle gets more exasperated with each bar, noting his stealthy techniques are preventative towards Congress, police, exs, and spammers. The link to “Password” is here and while we could give you a hint to accessing the video, it's more fun if you figure it out on your own.

Open Mike Eagle's “Password”