Ora Iso is dark to its core

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As October commences, it feels only natural to get a little weird. Brooklyn’s Ora Iso fit the bill nicely, offering an intriguing blend of guitar, keyboard and spooky atmosphere. Lifted from the band’s upcoming full-length, Bathcat, the cleanly titled first track “Ora Iso” is seven minutes of vague, habit-forming experimentalism.

Ora Iso masterminds Jason Kudo and Kathleen Malay paint an intriguing, if not slightly hazy portrait on their LP’s titular epic. Exceptionally lonely, the track cradles a vibe of inner darkness: “Words on a screen mean nothing to me,” Malay murmurs, a firm industrial beat carrying her voice into the murky distance. “Ora Iso” is dark to its core, but its steadfast cadence is oddly comforting. Weird never felt so good.

You can stream the self-titled track below. Ora Iso’s Bathcat is due October 14 via Ba Da Bing Records.