Ours Yours, “Secret Admirer”

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Secret Admirer

Ours Yours has been through many transformations over the years, but one thing is for sure: Their sound is indie rock to its core, transfixing audiences with Kimberly Holte’s celestial vocals (and guitar and strings). With Michael Berardino at bass and Ivan Zlatev owning percussion, they are not a band to miss. Expect some solid tracks from their latest self-released EP, Dear Old Fears, one of which is its debut single “Secret Admirer”.

Brought in with an abrupt and head-bobbing beat, there is almost a slow down once you get into the lyrics, very different than other Ours Yours tracks. The song has a distinct melancholy vibe to it, with lyrics like “You’re sad and alone / There’s shame in the tone of voices from home” reflecting this notion. There is also a very gorgeous layering of vocals several times in the piece, of which we are big fans.

“Secret Admirer” is introspective, well-produced, and we (admittedly) have it on repeat.

“Secret Admirer” is available now for download on their bandcamp.