Palm Ghosts, "Insomnia"

Palm Ghosts is the musical brainchild of Joseph Lekkas, formerly of Philadelphia, now of Nashville.  “Insomnia” is the new single by Palm Ghosts featuring the voice work of Sam Sharp.  With lyrics that are layered behind the music, Palm Ghosts has created a sound reminiscent of early Jefferson Airplane, not psychedelic, but music that moves with the words.
The topic of “Insomnia” is a somber one, but one that we can all relate to – a sleepless night that is not going to end.  In fact Palm Ghosts goes a step further:  “Insomnia is about two lovers who have grown apart and are sleeping through their relationship. It’s the point in a failing relationship when passionate arguments turn to apathy. Modern technology can also play a role in the dissolution.”  We can actually FEEL the sleeplessness that Lekkas was trying to convey.  Sharp’s harmonies and gossamer voice are the perfect complement to this sound.

“Insomnia” is available now. Keep up with Palm Ghosts here.