Astral Samara, "See Through"

Post Author: Virginia Croft

“Give yourself a reason, cause nothing’s given for you,” Alex Adkinson sings on his latest track, “See Through.” It’s a blunt lyric, but stays in line with the achieved aesthetic– pointed and intentional. Performing under his moniker, Astral Samara, the punchy electronic expression is Astral Samara’s latest since March’s release, Zonal Flows. The project itself stems from a blunt chunk of time for Adkinson, the music resulting from “lonely acid trips and utopian theory books,” and created during a retreat in Lake Gibson, WI.
“See Through” proves Astral Samara’s ability to transport us to another place, as we are enveloped in its warming soundscape. It’s a haunting journey through musical equivalents of the eerie feeling of nighttime, as if we’re being pushed through a futuristic maze, ala Beyond the Black Rainbow.

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