Pamphleteers, “Shivering”

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Chicago rock trio Pamphleteers – comprised of Rebecca Crawford (bass/vocals), Geoff Atkinson (drums), and Jonathan Ben-Isvy (guitar) – are hanging in there, waiting in anticipation for the release of the follow up to their debut split EP – their first full-length, titled The Ghost That Follows – on September 23rd. With a sound that balances delicately between garage rock, surf-pop, and punk, we’re absolutely positive they’re going to make a name for themselves in music. We’ve got the exclusive premiere of their single “Shivering” to share with you today.

Waning guitar, intense percussion from the beginning. Rebecca’s smooth – but seemingly unimpressed – vocals set in, marking “Shivering” as a definite head-bobber. The vocals lift up into a different sound space at the chorus, and then delve into a deeper space as she croons, “and then you drag me down, down” repeatedly. And listen to that gnarly guitar toward then end! Emotional yet fun, this rock song is definitely one to add to your collection.

The Ghost That Follows is out September 23rd.