Panther Ray, “Get to You”

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Panther Ray

The mental affiliation of music with weather is a longstanding human notion, and, coincidentally, a music writer’s crutch; a song can sound sunny, or cloudy, or rainy, or windswept like in tornado. And just in time for the warm weather (hopefully?), “Get to You”, the first single from Panther Ray’s new record Ripple, shows promise of a solid summer listen. Filled with hazy static lows and an upbeat rhythm section bolstering delightfully airy vocals and sprightly guitar hooks, the track embodies the vibrating, cicada-ridden, happy strolling, sticky-sweet ice-cream-melt of a late summer’s dream daze. It almost sounds to be playing in lo-fi and hi-fi simultaneously, the introduction of feedback and the drums coming in low, while the vocals and guitar feed sound high; the best of both worlds. With three vocalists—two male, one female—all present in warm softness, the harshness of fuzz is lulled to offer the pleasantest of quakes, noisy psych meets sweet-tooth dream-pop.

Ripple is due out April 28 on Forged Artifacts. You can stream “Get to You” below.