Papercuts, “Life Among The Savages”

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It’s been three years since Papercuts released their last album, and by the sound of it, most of that time has been spent tucked away carving out their upcoming album, Life Among The Savages. The band released the title track today, putting on display an ambition so large it could only be matched by the raw emotion Jason Quever spills into this reclusive and melancholy vessel. “Out here among the savages, life is a gas,” Quever croons over dreamy strings arrangements and delicate guitar. In an a exceedingly honest effort, Quever watches from afar as he copes with over a decade of the alienating lifestyle of a struggling songwriter.

Life Among The Savages is out May 6 in the US via Easy Sound Recording Co., and May 12 in the UK via Memphis Industries. The tracklisting and Papercuts' upcoming tour dates are listed below.

Life Among The Savages Tracklist:
1. Still Knocking At The Door
2. New Body
3. Life Among The Savages
4. Staring At The Bright Lights
5. Family Portrait
6. Easter Morning
7. Psychic Friends
8. Afterlife Blues
9. Tourist


22 San Diego, CA Soda Bar
23 Los Angeles, CA The Satellite
28 Portland, OR Mississippi Studios
29 Seattle, WA Tractor Tavern
31 San Francisco, CA The Chapel