People Like Us, “Happy Lost Songs”

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People Like Us, <i>Welcome Abroad</i>

People Like Us is British musician Vicki Bennett's latest project, and the sound collages in her new Illegal Art album Welcome Abroad are unique in the amount of genius they cede to the source material– you will recognize many choruses and verses from 20th century greats, but all of it will feel somehow displaced (but not marginalized) within the trippy, playfully altered space Bennett conjures up.

We're happy to debut “Happy Lost Songs”, an amalgamation of nostalgic classics penned about places that aren't where you are right now. Unless you're in West Virginia or San Jose, or the moon, to name the most prominent whimsical classics weaved into this one. Beyond covers/originals of Denver, Warwick, and London, you tell us.

People Like Us, “Happy Lost Songs”

It's strongly suggested you grab this album, especially for “The Sound of the End of Music”, which features a chilling double ballad by Jon Morrison and Julie Andrews. Who knew.

Welcome Abroad is out May 24.