Photay, “TROPHY”

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Since the release of Photay’s self-titled EP in 2014 we’ve witnessed an upstate kid from Woodstock land tracks on Broad City and Man Seeking Woman, while gaining tastemaking fans in Gilles Peterson, Marry Anne Hobbes, Daedelus, SBTRKT and Bonobo. His music then offered a cartoonish bounce that warped and mutated as homeostasis. Hearing it soundtrack a nitrous oxide-induced Abby head trip on Broad City felt as though Photay has the uncanny ability to transport us into alternate modes of stress-free bliss without the intrusion of dark anxiety. On the forthcoming Sadie EP, Photay maintains that m.o.

“TROPHY” is meant to be understood as physical exertion and encourage momentum towards goals. It’s music fit for a Steph Curry highlight reel of ankle-breaking crossovers, acrobatic scoop shots, and of course, assassin-level walk-off three pointers. Photay’s zests “TROPHY” with effervescent synth lines that never plateau in adrenaline. He understands that champions require a cool head under pressure and “TROPHY” never loses sight of that goal.

The Sadie EP is out March 25 on Astro Nautico.