Pink Priest gets remixed eight times

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Pink Priest, Hexes Vol. 1

Pink Priest let a slew of electronic tinkerers into his tracks so that they could defile and re-file them into their own images.

Standouts include all of them. There's no weak link here, so long as you enter this relationship with an open heart and enough weed to share with everyone else.

Creep out with Dem Hunger's sound collage:

Pink Priest, “Get Haunted” (Dem Hunger Real Tan Edit)

Swill the bottle service absinthe at the robot-operated dance club with Coyote Clean Up:

Pink Priest, “Girl With An Arrowhead” (CCU DUB)

Slap on the vaseline-slathered eye goggles and levitate through blowing wheat fields with Twins, just look out for the flying cars:

Pink Priest, “Field Of Orgasms” (Twins Mix)

More info, including download, here.